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This section is a showcase of diverse artwork. Each illustration is taken from a comic book in progress,and represents a preview in progress. Many times our reader’s feedback helps us define the characters even more,so we are very interested in your comments. Even if you are browsing this section. We hope you will enjoy the art! Please visit us again, we frequently upgrade this section with new pieces… Thank you!"


Michael R. Brown, Editor/Chief
Section One: Artists Archives
Generation X Flashback- galactic orphan
White Tiger Stranger II
Torment Misc.

Section Two: Special Editons
A Tribue to the Negro League Baseball.
We are pleased to present a tribute to the special athletes,
who over cameadversities in the 1940s to become the greats of baseball!
We pay tribute to the legacy of the Negro League Baseball
who are celebrated their 75th Anniversaryin this year 2000!
The official Negro Leagues Baseball Museum’s website

"Discover Greatness!"
NLBM logo:
"Baseball’s greatest pitcher!"
The oldest "Rookie Of The Year" at 42 yrs his first year in the Major Leagues!
"The great entertainer!
The highest paid player in the Negro Leagues. Satchel would play Winter months in Mexico and South America and was a big star in Latin America as well as in North America!
Satchel Paige: Satchel Paige:
"Founder of the Modern Negro Leagues"
Founder of the 1930s Negro Leagues beginning at 18th &VINE and Paseo at the old YMCA in Kansas City, MO.
"1st Major league coach, and living legend"
The coach of the Kansas City Monarchs and first Black coach of a Major League Team. Chairman of the Negro League Baseball Museum in Kansas City Missouri.(still alive)
"Rube Foster: Buck O’Neil:

Click Here To View Rep. Brown's Public Service Announcement about Negro Leagues Baseball Beginnings

~~MGE (Missouri Gas Energy Company) "Safety Issue!"
Ghettostone Company is mindful of how comic books can influence kids,as a Special safety issue Ghettostone and Missouri Gas Energy Company have designed to help teach kids about natural gas safety! "Gus the Safety Skunk" issue one was a special public service comic book that was sent to kids in school through out Missouri Schools. Cost were paid for by the MGE company, who used the comics as part of their "Eye on Safety" educational program!

~~Team MAST (MAST) "Safety Issue!"
Ghettostone Company is mindful of how comic books can influence kids,as a Special safety issue Ghettostone and MAST have designed a comic to help teach kids about emergency situations! "Team MAST" issue one was a special public service comic book. Click on the Pictures below to see the comic in Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can also print out the comic and color it.


Once upon a time, there was a game!  And the game was baseball!
But even baseball had discrimination!  Learn about the triumphs and
tribulations of kids who lived during this time and discovery why they
are called the Diamond Kings!

New Features from Diamond Kings - Full Length Comic and New Comic Strips

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``Section Three : Downloadable Desktop Picture
In this section Ghettostone Company would like to offer you a free poster for your Desktop. These imagines could be left on screen for your viewing pleasure at the office, or at home.The dimensions are 800* 600 pixel and will fit any monitor below 20". Just right click on either picture and click on save picture as. Save the Picture to you computer. Then go to you desktop properties and go to the desktop tab and browse for our picture to use as wallpaper.

Above is a special poster of new coming issue, Stranger II.
Here’s the collectable you’ve been looking for, a poster of a soon to be release of an original character! The master planner who becomes the beast of the full moon is GPC’s ultimate evil. His name in unknown, but you can call him the Stranger!"

"What does it take to be a superhero, Power? Brilliance? Futuristic gadgets? Meet Ramzees, a hero who does the right thing! He lives in a world where values have long since been replaced by self-interest! Now imprisoned in a future America, he must decide how to be a hero!

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