Hidden in the shadow! 
He was brought to America in an inhuman flesh trade!
His name is unimportant for now,
but he is known as The Stranger! 

The Stranger is an ancient inmortal being with
supernatural powers whose ultimate goal is the enslavement of and
complete mastery over humanbeings! 

Never in the foreground, always in the background,
he is Ghettostone's most powerful character! 

Can he be stopped?  How do we protect ourselves? 
Mercy!  We know not what we do!"

On going project - Stranger III.

Ghettostone Publications Company is an independent micro-publisher!
For us quality is the rule, and our customer’s satisfaction is the goal!
Our stories are customized to enhance the reader’s enjoyment of
new urban legends.

We are proud to present Stranger III
"Bane the Wolf Hunter."
Approximate release date Spring of 2001!

Bane The Wolf Hunter:
Two brothers of the Old West are released from jail,
reunited with their gang,
and attacked in the forest by
a pack of roving werewolves
who pose as Native Indians by day. 

Unbeknownst to the pack, they are a potential threat to
The Stranger's position as most powerful being on Earth. 

"Bane the Wolf Hunter" is about these brothers and
how they became unwilling pawns
in a game of destruction orchestrated by The Stranger! 
Check out this new kind of western story,
you will never bethe same again!

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