"TORMENT RISING" • "Between Heaven and Hell...!"
Story By Michael R. Brown and Steve McPherson
Illustrations By Steve McPherson, Creative Director
Digital Finishes By David Moyer, Storyteller Comics
Web Design By Tom Liu, GPC Web Master

Father Antonio Vega is also known as Torment the Vigilante, in the adventure of a lifetime, having supernatural overtones, genetic manipulations, human organ rip off, and cybernetic smart weapons and that is just the beginning!

Father Vega's soul has been reassigned after five years in the afterlife!
His mission to save the everlasting soul of a young man called T-Knight,
who happens to be the man who killed him five years ago!
Now a superhumantug of war between
the "Stranger" and "Torment" is in the making,
which will reunite Vega with his now cybernetic body!
This is one is hot hot hot!

Now we can see how it all began, the alien DNA, the split personalities, the calling to be ordained in the church, and the death and resurrection of a hero!
He is on a mission from God! And Ghettostone's ultimate evil, "The Stranger"is at the top of the list! Witness the re-birth!
Follow the light toward the truth!

Stay for the unbelievable action ending!
New from Ghettostone 2001!

"TORMENT RISING" Between Heaven and Hell...!"
Ghettostone Publications Company copyright 2001
Torment Rising is the sole property of Ghettostone Publications Company
No unauthorized duplication without expressed written or oral permission
from the owner Michael R. Brown, editor/chief of Ghettostone Publications
Company! C/2001 All rights reserved copyright 2001.

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