"Now it can be told!"

Throughout human history people have sensed elements of the unknown! We cannot help but feel that we are not alone! Now the universe hasbecome smaller and the shadows behind the veil of death reveal an active afterworld!

"So now let it be told!"

Ghettostone Publications Company
has blasted ontothe independent comicbook scene with a vengeance introducing new ways of telling FirstWorld stories celebrating the full spectrum of Humanity! This AfricanAmerican International comic book production company offers a unique perspective on fantasy adventure. We are creating new etho-universe infuturistic postmodern adventure stories that deal with extraterrestrial infiltration, near death experiences, cyberlife, supernatural phenomena, and internal moral struggle will now be revealed

Ghettostone Publications Company is redefining the art of inclusion by creating positive images of all cultures and featuring them in the role of cosmic universal adventure heroes!  Never before has America been given the opportunity to be shown the true dignity of all humanity revealed in Afrocentric art and story line! Welcome to the Ghettostone Sci-Fi realm! Now there is a company for us!

"How do you become the fastest growing, hottest,
independent comic bookCompany in America?" 
By keeping your head down and working harder,faster, smarting than the others!

How do you know you're on the right track? When you look around, do you see others trying to do the same thing you are doing? When you turn your head does somebody snatch a copy of your book and run? When a reader opens your book do their eyes begin to sparkle? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you're on the right track!